A Bayesian Perspective on Missing Data Imputation
Apr 26
Bayesian Generalized Linear Models
Apr 19
Penalized Linear Regression and Model Selection
Apr 12
Bayesian Linear Regression
Apr 05
Hierarchical Models
Mar 29
Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms
Mar 22
The Normal Model in a Two Parameter Setting
Mar 15
Bayesian Inference for the Normal Model
Feb 22
Monte Carlo Sampling
Feb 15
Bayesian Inference for the Poisson Model
Feb 08
Bayesian Inference for the Binomial Model
Jan 25
Conditional Heteroscedastic Models
Nov 23
Spectral Analysis
Nov 17
Decomposition and Smoothing Methods
Nov 02
Seasonal Time Series
Oct 13
Matrix Inverse
Oct 12
Variability of Nonstationary Time Series
Oct 09
ARIMA Models
Oct 05
Linear Space of Matrices
Sep 30
Mean Trend
Sep 30
Sep 21
Definitions in Arbitrary Linear Space
Sep 14
Vector Space
Aug 31
Aug 28
Density Estimation
May 06